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This website has been created for all those who share an interest in the Berrier Family and want to learn and share our mutual ancestry. Hopefully this spot on the net will become a vehicle for us to share what we have learned, including documents and photos, allowing us a glimpse of the past and present.

I started my family research just a short year ago in the beginning of 1999 and had no idea at the time of just how much I would learn about my heritage. In May of 1999, I found an entire lost branch of my direct line in Clay Center, Kansas, including living relatives and the graves of my great-great grandparents, William & Catherine (Barrick) Berrier, buried together alongside of my great grandfather; James.

Clearly, genealogy gets in your blood and it is hard to stop once you start. It seems that one piece of the puzzle leads to another, and before you know it, you are hooked. I hope there are more Berriers out there who come forward through this site and become hooked on putting the missing pieces of the puzzle together.

It is my sincere desire that we can help each other in our quest and that this website is useful to you. If you have information, documents, photos or corrections please contact me direct

Frank J. Berrier, Jr., PhD - Houston, Texas

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